Songs for Giant Isopods

[n.b.: Subsequent to writing this post, I wound up writing a song about isopods myself. I think it’s one of my better ones; check it out for yourself.]

Giant Isopod from the Gulf of Mexico, NOAA photographI swear I didn’t know about this project while writing my goofy song about Jaekelopterus. But yes, another marine arthropod – a “deep-sea woodlouse larger than many dogs” – has inspired a new album:

An as-yet-unspecified charity will benefit from the sale of the ‘Songs About Giant Isopod’ album. Giant isopods themselves probably don’t need much help – they’re believed to be widely distributed across ocean floors.

The album is actually called Bathonymous Go: A Tribute to the Giant Isopod, and has been mentioned on a few different science blogs.

Some of the songs are on the MySpace Page for “The Giant Isopods”, and you can track the album’s progress at Drowned in Sound.