SONG: “In the Light”


“In the Light” [Download]
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ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on “Zoologger: The first solar-powered vertebrate”, New Scientist, 18 January 2013, as used in the post “Solar powered animal.”

ABSTRACT: This started with a drum beat, then moved up to a super simple guitar figure (Young Marble Giants-style). Then, a contrapunctal bass (Pedro the Lion-style), and finally, hmm. Some words.

I wanted to write about the rover drilling into Mars, but there wasn’t much to say there that I hadn’t already said. But the idea of giving up eating to get energy from sunlight… that was a new thing. It’s breaking up with food (or maybe not eating after a break-up) but also doing it to embrace something bigger and brighter. Those elevated little salamanders….

Originally, I intended to not have choruses, just a chorus-like bridge, but it turned out to be hard to make that work without sounding either meandering (no structure) or repetitive (all structure). Go figure.

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