Viking DNA

30 May 2008 grant b 1

LiveScience reports on the tantalizing possibility of creating a Jurassic Park for bearded boat-warriors: Jorgen Dissing of the University of Copenhagen and colleagues say they […]

SONG: Mesonychoteuthis Hamiltonii

24 May 2008 grant b 1

SONG: “Mesonychoteuthis Hamiltonii” [Download] (To download: right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “Colossal Squid Comes Out Of Ice”, BBC News, 28 April 2008, as […]

Three Red Spots.

23 May 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist on the third-largest hurricane in the solar system: Now, a third red spot, about half the size of Red Spot Junior, has broken […]

Nanotube Trouble.

21 May 2008 grant b 0

Rice University researchers – some of the pioneers of nanotechnology – have declared that carbon nanotubes may be… may be… as dangerous as asbestos: …[T]he […]

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.

20 May 2008 grant b 0

Scientific American ruins my naive illusions about love with their expose of the orgasmic mind: Neuroscientist Gert Holstege of the University of Gro­ningen in the […]

My Sister, My Stomach.

19 May 2008 grant b 0

Well. LiveScience shares the news of a 9-year-old girl in Greece discovering that she actually had a twin sister… growing inside her stomach: “They could […]