Be Boring.

5 January 2009 grant b 0

No! Say it ain’t so! The Overcoming Bias blog has this study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology that shows that interesting details interfere with […]

Nature Deficit Disorder?

13 November 2008 grant b 0

Seed contributor Jonah Lehrer posts to Scienceblogs about the brain-boosting effects of a stroll in the woods: Because you can’t help but stop and notice […]

No, Really.

5 November 2008 grant b 1

Scientific American reports on the psychology of sarcasm and on new studies that suggest irony is hardwired into our brains: In one experiment, [Penny M. […]

Drive my car.

16 September 2008 grant b 0

So. Wired tells us it’s true – the roar of the sportscar kinda turns us on: To test the theory that high-performance cars get people […]

Baby Talk 101.

2 September 2008 grant b 0

Keep it simple, short and repetitive! That’s what an international team of neurological researchers covered in found when they scanned infants’ brains while saying, […]

It’s all magic to me.

11 August 2008 grant b 0

While peeking at a Special Secret Magical Message Board, I came across this “Perspective” piece from Nature Reviews Neuroscience on magic. Specifically, it’s an overview […]

Lights out.

6 August 2008 grant b 1

So, confirms what we’ve all been feeling after those long, late nights. Sleeplessness causes power failures in your brain: The research team, led by […]

Mushrooms and meaning.

3 July 2008 grant b 0

Johns Hopkins researchers are getting profoundly trippy, PhysOrg reports, in a research project that found psychedelic mushrooms can have long-lasting spiritual effects: “Most of the […]