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June 2010

Written By: grant b on June 30, 2010 No Comment

e! Science finds something besides choosing mates that gay men’s brains do differently – recognize faces:

“Our results suggest that both gay men and heterosexual women code faces bilaterally. That allows for faster retrieval of stored information,” says study lead author Jennifer Steeves, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health [at the University of […]

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Science Daily spoils the myth of the peaceful forest apes that live idyllic lives with no concept of ownership. Apparently, the brutes fight long wars over land rights:

During a decade of study, the researchers witnessed 18 fatal attacks and found signs of three others perpetrated by members of a large community of about […]

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The Tallahassee Democrat demonstrates how the Deepwater Horizon disaster is affecting what we can still learn about sea life:

ST. TERESA — Thunder clattered and purple clouds gathered over the Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory on Friday afternoon as David Kimbro ran around, adjusting bins holding research specimens so they could weather […]

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Lemurs. The monkey-like creatures found sporting with the chameleons on Madagascar, what?

Look at all of them. There are some marmosets and manikins in there as well. Like children. Little hairy children.

[via Old Book Illustrations]

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The Wall Street Journal dishes the dirt on the humble origins of a new pill for treating multiple sclerosis:

Fingolimod comes from an idea hatched a quarter-century ago by Tetsuro Fujita, a Kyoto University pharmacology professor who had investigated bitter plants used in traditional Asian medicine. A wonder drug at the time was cyclosporin, […]

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Nature gets a little rough with the sloppy White House response to the ongoing Gulf of Mexico mess:

On 15 June, BP announced that it would distribute US$25 million in fast-track funding across three research institutions in its first step towards fulfilling a $500-million pledge for high-priority studies to assess environmental damage from the […]

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SONG: “Crocodile Surf” [Download] . (To download: double right-click & “Save As”)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: “Crocodiles go with the flow”, Nature, 7 June 2010, as used in the post Crocodile surf.

ABSTRACT: I mean, c’mon. Surfing crocodiles?

Backing vocals by Sophia and Sebastian Balfour, ages 5 and 7.

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Science Daily makes me eager to get out in the woods and get dirty. Mostly, just to dig around in the fallen leaves, but also because I might infect myself with bacteria that fights depression and raises intelligence:

“Mycobacterium vaccae is a natural soil bacterium which people likely ingest or breathe in when they […]

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Seriously. NASA wants to take you into orbit. Or at least a likeness of you. It’s their way of celebrating the final two shuttle missions.

It’s also free. And you get a certificate. G’wan, give it a shot.

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