Forbes follows how science gets started up.

Frida Polli, one of the financial folks at Forbes, is offering us a look at the sausage-factory of neuroscience funding:

In 2007, after 6 years of PhD work, I arrived at the McGovern Institute at MIT, a mecca for neuroscience research. Nobel laureates roamed the halls. Brilliant MIT undergrads competed to work in your lab. Crews from CBS showed up to interview you. I should have been ecstatic! Instead, I was miserable. How did this happen?

The last five years have been ones of great change. I left academic neuroscience and brain imaging labs at Harvard and MIT to build a science business in New York. I did this while raising a child and questioning why, in my mid thirties, was I having an existential crisis.

As well as looking at the business of science, she’ll be blogging about her company, Pymetrics, which aims to insert neuroscience into business directly:

How do we do this? We replace questionnaires with neuroscience games and statistics with recommendation engine technology. Rather than asking you questions, we assess your cognitive and emotional profile by having you play a series of short computer games adapted from the last decade of research.

Might be worth a follow.