Virtually conquering Everest

Sports Illustrated is taking all of us along on a virtual-reality climb to the summit of Mt. Everest:

Sports Illustrated will partner with Endemol Shine Beyond USA to produce the first documentary series of a complete climb of Mt. Everest to be presented in virtual reality.

The production, titled “Capturing Everest,” will debut in early 2017, on Time Inc.’s new LIFE VR platform, and will also be released on in 360-degree video. The production is presented by Sports Illustrated.

The video was shot over the span of two months, using cameras on zip lines and on the body harnesses of climbers, who include six-time Everest summiteer Garret Madison and three-time Everest summiteer Brent Bishop. For the first time, viewers will be able to experience the climb in first-person using virtual reality.

There’s a preview here:

Try not to get dizzy scrolling around. The air is pretty thin….

Maybe this presentation might lower some of the absurd number of real-life climbers hiking up and down the mountain.