Zapping into flow.

10 February 2012 grant 2

New Scientist reawakens that old dream of turning on the creative juices as if you were turning on a tap… or flipping a switch: I […]

Home-cooked Parkinson’s.

9 February 2012 grant 0

BBC reports on neurologists who’ve managed to not only create brain cells in the lab – but to make Parkinson’s-diseased cells from scratch: The breakthrough […]

Tune into the li-fi.

8 February 2012 grant 0

Wired is all aglow over a new wireless transmission system that uses light instead of radio waves: Using off-the-shelf electronics, he can stream videos using […]

Testosterone and bad ideas.

7 February 2012 grant 0

Irish Times reveals the link between lousy decision-making and the hormone linked to lust and aggression: Dr Nick Wright and colleagues at the Wellcome Trust […]

Skin becomes brain

6 February 2012 grant 0

BBC News ponders what it means for our bodies when Stanford University professors start shuffling around our cellular building blocks. Not turning stem cells into […]

A house mouse serenade.

31 January 2012 grant 0

Vienna’s University of Veterinary Medicine has been listening to the mice as the tiny Casanovas sing to impress the babes: It has been known for […]

The Walking Dead anatomy lesson.

27 January 2012 grant 0

Popular Mechanics recently investigated the forensics of the zombie head shot: Dr. Steven Schlozman, has written extensively about the brain function of undead zombies (as […]

The new U: Take the red pill

25 January 2012 grant 0

The Chronicle of Higher Education is watching closely as a tenured Stanford professor leaves his secure job to teach at an online startup: Sebastian Thrun, […]