Jacket makes movies feelies.

31 March 2009 grant b 1

The IEEE (what used to be the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) reports in Spectrum about a strange new entertainment breakthrough that combines neurology, […]

Cyber-insects taking off.

29 January 2009 grant b 0

Wired’s Danger Room blog now has me imagining what it would be like to come under attack from a buzzing swarm of remote-controlled rhinoceros beetles: […]

Electric Plonk.

19 December 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist gives us a recipe for converting cheap wine to the good stuff: It is backed by a decade of research, the results have […]

Einstein’s Fridge

5 December 2008 grant b 0

Albert Einstein: atomic physicist, scientific genius, refrigerator maker? Back in the 1920s, he and his pupil Leo Szilard saw a need for a refrigerator (which […]