Science Art: <i>Avro Canada VZ-9AV Avrocar</i>. SONG: Fine Altar Stone Science Art: <i>Turner +2: The Best CB Microphone in the World</i>, 1966. Science Art: <i>Diagram illustrating the inherent conspicuousness of an eye-spot...</i>, Cott, 1942. Science Art: <i>Altitude and azimuth instrument</i>, 1876.

Science Art: Avro Canada VZ-9AV Avrocar.

This is not a movie prop, but a working prototype of the Avrocar, a disc-shaped flying machine that graced the …

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SONG: Fine Altar Stone

SONG: “Fine Altar Stone”. (available as .ogg here)

ARTIST: grant.

SOURCE: Based on IFL Science, 25 Sep 20…

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Science Art: Turner +2: The Best CB Microphone in the World, 1966.

This is an ad from the April 1966 “Tools and Test Measurement Issue” of Popular Electronics, which I found on a…

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Science Art: Altitude and azimuth instrument, 1876.

How high?

This device will tell you.

It’s from The great Centennial exhibition critically described and…

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Memory on tap.

6 February 2008 grant b 1

The Daily Telegraph has a fascinating story about an accidental neurological discovery. While trying to “switch off” an obese man’s desire to overeat, neurologists using […]

Engineers of Jihad?

4 February 2008 grant b 0, the online news magazine for electrical engineers, recently published a bizarre little musing in the form of a study linking electrical engineering aptitude with […]

Supersize Me.

1 February 2008 grant b 0

Science Daily reports on researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig who discovered that McDonald’s makes us supermen: The researchers fed laboratory mice one […]

Skin Rhythms.

30 January 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist stops the clock with timely news about skin. Apparently, skin is pretty deep – it’s somehow tied to the brain as part of […]

Health Magnet.

28 January 2008 grant b 0

LiveScience notices something odd that’ll have some hard-minded skeptics practicing their eyebrow raises. Medical magnets – one of the old staples of alternative medicine pseudoscience, […]

SONG: You’ve Got Power

23 January 2008 grant b 0

SONG: “You’ve Got Power” [Download] (To download: right-click & “Save As”) ARTIST: grant. SOURCE: “PopSci’s Best of What’s New 2007: Innovators”, Popular Science, December 2007, […]

It flowers itself to death

21 January 2008 grant b 0

New Scientist reports on a frankly bizarre palm tree just discovered by a family picnicking in Madagascar: “It’s a species that is so significant from […]